Lucia Stofej is the founder and self-taught designer of Lucia Stofej jewelry & accessories. Our line is dedicated toward creating handmade floral, vintage and chabby chic pieces.  There are bridal as well as everday wear whimsical headpieces and simple but stylish jewelry in our little shop drawers.

We are based, as some say, in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. It is typical for its diverse landscape of high mountains, flowery meadows, rivers and green forests, hiding ancient castles. Folklore is still a part of our life. Therefore we are  still able to find vintage materials, hand stitched ribbons and lace, inside old (treasure) chests.

For a number of years Lucia Stofej has been known under a brand name :: lulubijoux :: with satisfied customers not only in Europe but also around the world, reaching the brides from all the way in America or Australia.

After doing some teaching work after her university studies, Lucia has finally returned to what she loves most, the arts. Travelling is her passion too, on one hand walking in the countryside or on the other, visiting some far away lands. Finding the source of inspiration during nature walks or whilst mingling through the crowds at flea markets. She also draws her inspiration from old movies, time-travelling to the era of Audrey Hepburn or Louis de Funes.


So come and travel with us too...